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Professional Clock Repairs & More in Fife, WA

Heirloom Clocks of Tacoma in Fife, WA, provides house calls for any type of clock repair, should you be unable to bring your item into our shop. The fee for a house call is based on your location. We’ve traveled from Mount Vernon to Eugene, OR, and from Seabeck to Pocatello, ID! We also provide free, local delivery of any floor clock purchased from our store. 

 We also do relocations of floor clocks or large wall clocks, no other moving company takes better care of your clock than us. 

 We also carry Howard wood care products.

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Routine Maintenance & Repairs 

Your clock or watch needs to be regularly maintained to maximize its life and efficiency. Our clock repair team can help with everything from quartz battery replacements to grandfather clock maintenance services. You’ll find that we can keep your clocks and watches working like new. Our services include: 

Clock & Watch Repairs/Services:

  • Antique to Modern Clocks (No Cuckoos or Asian 31-Day)

  • Quartz (Battery) Clocks

  • Quartz Watches

  • Mechanical Watches

  • Automatic Watches

  • Pocket Watches (Mostly American-Made)

  • Floor Clocks (Often Called "Grandfather" Clocks)

  • Estimates & Evaluations Are Always FREE!

Our Repair Services Include: 

  • Complete Overhauls & Rebuilds (When Necessary)

  • Routine Maintenance/Service

  • Watch Battery Replacement

  • Glass & Crystal Replacement

  • Free Over-the-Counter Estimates

  • Service Calls

  • One-Year Warranty on Rebuilds

  • Restorations

  • Out-of-Area Shipping Services

  • Horological Estate Evaluating/Purchasing

  • Relocation of Grandfather (Floor) Clocks 

Complete Rebuilds & Restorations 

If your watch or clock is beyond minor repairs, bring it to Heirloom Clocks of Tacoma. Our clock repair team can work with you to completely overhaul and restore your timepiece to its former glory. Let us bring back the pieces that mean so much to you.


In addition to clock repairs and services, our specialists offer a wide variety of new and used products, including quartz watches, grandfather clocks, and more, for you to purchase. These are gorgeous pieces that can add vintage style and beautiful culture to your home or personal style. We offer a wide range of products, all at great prices. 

Call to Learn More

Whether you need a clock repair or watch maintenance, our experts at Heirloom Clocks of Tacoma are the best in the business. We’re proud to help you get your family heirlooms back to their full beauty and provide any repair or maintenance service you need. Call us today to learn more about our services or stop in for a free over-the-counter estimate. 

(253) 517-7808